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Actual Window Manager 7.3
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Actual Window Manager 7.3

Publisher:Actual Tools
Language:English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Serbian, Japanese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Indonesian
Platform:Windows, Mobile
Requirements:P-III 600+ CPU, 128+ Mb RAM, 10+ Mb free space on HDD
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Actual Window Manager - Actual Window Manager is a desktop productivity suite of over 50 tools, letting users change their interaction with windows in many new exciting ways: minimize windows to tray or screen, apply transparency, roll up, pin on top, auto-align windows, resize, etc. Any of these operations (and many others) can be done in a click on the title buttons, which are added to the standard Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons after the installation. In addition to buttons, users can set up specific settings to be applied to predefined windows automatically (for example, 50% transparency for Winamp).

Installation and getting started is remarkably easy. Once installed, Actual Window Manager adds its own buttons to the title bar of each window. By default the program has profiles with the settings for the most popular Windows applications, but users can change these profiles to their preferences or make a profile of their own, which is a breeze to do. To make such changes, one needs to bring up the Configuration window and modify or set up a rule for a particular program, which can be done in a simple, point-and-click manner.

Actual Window Manager is particularly useful when you are simultaneously working with several applications. Switching from one window to another distracts attention, reducing the productivity of work. Moreover, the taskbar becomes packed with minimized windows. But it is not the case when you have Actual Window Manager on your computer. You can set it up to minimize windows to tray or on the desktop, roll them up, set up the appropriate level of semi-transparency. If you need to multitask in several applications at once, you can pin all necessary windows on top without the need to bring each one up several times.

And the last but not least: Actual Window Manager is the only window manager that provides the fully featured support for command prompt windows and native 64-bit applications running on any x64 edition of Windows.

List of Changes:

Version 7.3 from 2012-11-22

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Version 7.2 from 2012-08-16

1) Improved stability on 64-bit systems. 2) Favorite Folders title button. 3) Recent Folders title button. 4) Ability to apply desktop profile from the command line. 5) Ability to put the mouse to the corresponding point in window by the click on window's preview in taskbar.

Version 7.1 from 2012-07-07

1) Compatibility with Windows 8 Release Preview. 2) Windows 8: Start button in Actual Taskbars. 3) Custom groups in Actual Taskbar. 4) Custom title buttons. 5) Combo action (via title button/hotkey). 6) Special multi-monitor slideshow screen saver. 7) Tile/Cascade/Undo in taskbar's context menu.

Version 6.7.2 from 2011-11-22

1) Windows 7: Improved the quality of multi-monitor wallpaper pictures. 2) Vista/7: Improved the Multi-monitor Taskbar's color in Aero. 3) Scroll Inactive Windows restored. 4) Activating the maximized windows from secondary taskbars fixed. 5) Crashes in dwm.exe fixed.

Version 6.7.1 from 2011-11-11

1) Invoke a Jump List by dragging taskbar button. 2) Auto-minimization of inactive Outlook dialogs improved. 3) Inability to activate windows via their taskbar buttons fixed. 4) Preview thumbnails not showing for Excel 2007 workbooks fixed. 5) Title buttons' compatibility with Firefox 7 improved.

Version 6.6 from 2011-08-01

1) Individual taskbar settings per monitor. 2) Window icon/caption in preview thumbnails. 3) Edgeless desktop with new Wrap the Desktop mouse tool. 4) Indonesian language added. 5) Reboot-less update to new version on Windows Vista/7. 6) Better tracking of multi-window programs.

Version 6.4 from 2011-02-11

1) Desktop mirroring: area around the mouse pointer, window, monitor, arbitrary part of desktop, zoom in/out, fixed/variable scale. 2) Custom hotkeys with adjustable parameters. 3) Pin documents to Jump Lists on secondary taskbars. 4) Close button in live previews. 5) Back up/restore configuration.

Version 6.3 from 2010-11-19

1) Jump Lists on secondary taskbars under Win 7. 2) Per-monitor background slideshow. 3) Scroll inactive windows. 4) Switch the mouse between monitors via hotkeys. 5) Maximize to selected monitors. 6) Move to Monitor preview dialog. 7) Classic and Aero Snap combined. 8) Aero Glow on title buttons.

Version 6.2 from 2010-08-04

1) Grouping buttons on secondary taskbars. 2) Regular expressions to detect a target window by its caption. 3) New hotkeys: Lock Mouse and Ignore Deactivation. 4) Snapping a window to other windows from inside. 5) Maximize to Desktop fixed. 6) Title buttons compatible with MS Office 2010.

Version 6.1 from 2010-06-03

1) Pin to Taskbar, Aero Peek, Show Desktop on secondary taskbars. 2) Multi-monitor Background Slideshow. 3) Toggle secondary monitors via tray icon's menu and hotkeys. 4) Set primary display via tray icon's menu. 5) Batch switching of windows between monitors. 6) Better work with consoles in Win7.

Version 5.4 from 2009-07-09

1) The Windows 7 Aero Snap emulation is added. 2) Buttons re-ordering on the primary Taskbar is improved. 3) Virtual Desktops Switcher window is added. 4) Windows Thumbnails feature is added. 4) Multi-monitor Taskbar extension is now compatible with Windows 7 RC.

Version 5.3 from 2009-03-31

Actual Window Manager 5.3 (31.03.2009)
[!] The multi-monitor desktop profile manager is added. Now you can
create customized settings - profiles - for your desktop, including
displays' layout and per display properties (such as screen resolution,
color quality, refresh rate, etc.). Also, there are advanced abilities
to control the desktop background and screen saver: you can either stretch
a single picture/screen saver over entire desktop or specify individual
pictures/screen savers for each display. You can create as many profiles
as you need and then activate them via Control Center's context menu, as
circumstances require. Also, this menu can be invoked via hotkey
(Win+P by default).
[+] Now virtual desktops support the extra multi-monitor settings for
their wallpapers.
[+] The "Start Program" action is added: you can select a program or document
to be launched in a manner similar to defining regular Windows shortcuts and
then start it via special title button or system window menu command.
[+] Now the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension supports the Auto-hide and Lock
features on the per monitor basis.
[+] Now you can manually order the buttons on secondary taskbars as well as
on the primary one using the simple mouse drag-n-drop (for now, it is
available only under Windows XP or later; also, it does not work when
the "Group similar taskbar buttons" option is enabled).
[+] Now you can quickly align a window by clicking the right mouse button on
window's border with the Ctrl key pressed.
[+] The Description field is added for Default settings.
[+] The Description field is added for Exclusions.
[*] The amount of consumed Windows graphics resources is decreased
significantly (this prevents the resource exhaustion when too many windows
stay open).
[*] Now you can switch on/off different ways of invoking the Quick Settings
dialog in the General panel of the Options window.
[*] Now you can customize hotkey groups for quick window alignment/stretching.
[*] The option to make additional title buttons Office 2007-like is added.
[*] Now hotkeys in active window work even if it has no title bar.
[*] Now Configuration windows remember their Maximized state between sessions.
[*] The Description edit field at the Index panel now automatically wraps
its content and automatically fills the rest of panel's area.
[-] The bug in Configuration user interface with non-disappearing horizontal
scroll bar is fixed.
[-] Now the additional title buttons and system window menu items work
as expected in Windows Live Mail.
[-] Now the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension correctly restores after unlocking
the workstation.
[-] The crash of Multi-monitor Task Switcher extension under Windows Vista x64,
when using the Alt+Tab key combination, is fixed.
[-] Now console windows are correctly extended in the zero user session
on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003.
[-] The long unwanted pause, when closing console windows via Close
title button, is removed.
[-] The incorrect behavior of Virtual Desktops (activating hidden windows,
such as Sound Volume Control, unintentionally activated the first
virtual desktop), is fixed.
[-] The incorrect behavior of Virtual Desktops under Windows Vista, when using
the Alt+Tab key combination (the appearance of the Task Switcher window
unintentionally activated the first virtual desktop), is fixed.
[-] Now virtual desktops with custom wallpaper correctly consider the
Desktop Background settings of the Remote Desktop Client.
[-] Retrieving current displacement for a window with the Window Finder in the
"Align at startup to" group now correctly considers multiple monitors
(shift values are calculated relative to window's host monitor, not the
primary monitor).
[-] The "Restrict placement" function now correctly handles the maximized
[-] Windows Layout tool now skips the full-screen windows.
[-] Windows Layout tool is now compatible with Plemsoft's PowerBar.
[-] The crash of Windows Vista Snipping Tool, when closing it, is fixed.

Version 5.2 from 2008-10-14

1) The feature to display the Taskbar on secondary displays in multi-monitor configuration is added. 2) The feature to display the Task Switcher window on secondary displays is added. 3) The new Quick Settings dialog is added. 4) Now the title buttons look fully native under Windows Vista Aero.

Version 5.1 from 2008-06-23

Actual Window Manager 5.1 (23.06.2008)
[!] The ability to create/manage virtual desktops is added. Now you can:
- create as many virtual desktops as you need
- assign custom wallpaper to a certain virtual desktop
- assign custom hotkey to a certain virtual desktop for its
quick activation
- switch between existing virtual desktops via special "Next
desktop"/"Previous desktop" hotkeys
- send any specific window upon its startup to a certain virtual desktop or
make it visible on all virtual desktops
- move windows between virtual desktops via special title button/window
menu item
[+] Now you can edit multiple specific settings at once in the Configuration
Module (use Ctrl+ to select several items).
[+] Now you can specify a custom icon for a window minimized
either to the system tray or on the screen.
[+] The custom hotkeys for standard Windows "Minimize"/"Maximize" commands are
added (by default Win+/Win+ accordingly).
[+] The compatibility mode for moving maximized windows between monitors is
added: if you have troubles when trying to move a maximized window to
another monitor then try to activate this mode to fix the problems.
[*] Window menu is slightly improved: additional options of AltMin and Roll Up
actions are grouped into a separate submenu.
[*] Now you can remove or reposition special "Pin to desktop" and
"Restrict placement" window menu items as well as any other menu items.
[-] Now extra title buttons don't appear in the fullscreen mode of
Microsoft Word 2003/2007.
[-] The compatibility with applications written in Visual Basic is improved
(in particular, with WorkCentrics and NCSS 2007).
[-] The bug is fixed: enabling the Command Prompt Windows Support
when Tiny Personal Firewall is running led to system crash.
[-] Now window size can exceed the size of a single monitor in multi-monitor
configurations when resizing window in pixels and the "Keep window within
the desktop boundaries after resizing" option is enabled.
[-] Now the Unroll action correctly considers the placement restrictions when
they are enabled.
[-] Now windows pinned to desktop react properly when the Control Center is
[-] Now the Change Window Title action works properly if the Window Caption
criterion is enabled.


Get a "Swiss Army knife" for your Windows!

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File Size: 7.6 Mb
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Info 2008-07-09 07:48:17 #
Version: 5.1

Good Tool

Provides some nice bells and whistles for Windows manager. Very

Author's Response:
Thank you for your testimonial. If you have any ideas on how to improve our product so that it will deserve highest marks - please provide your feedback to Thank you!

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